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Warmly welcome the leaders of ON Semiconductor to visit Jarvis Smart(Shen Zhen)Co., Ltd.


Since the first day of its launch, Shenzhen Aladdin Electronics Co., Ltd.'s brand "First Field" products have been connected with the core components produced by ON Semiconductor.

Warmly welcome the leaders of ON Semiconductor to visit Shenzhen Aladdin Electronics Co., Ltd.

This core component is the module SENSOR. Consumers may not notice these components when using the product. They are more concerned about the performance of the entire machine. However, as an imaging device such as a driving recorder, the SENSOR is different. Even if the driving recorder products have the same configuration, the imaging effects may be very different!

In February 2014, D-101, the first driving recorder product of No. 1 Site, was launched. Defines the industry standard for SLR-level driving recorder products. This standard configuration is NTK96650+AR0330, which has attracted the entire industry to follow suit, and similar products have sprung up on the market. AR0330 is SENSOR, which is ON Semiconductor's most well-known product in the consumer automotive electronics industry.

In the field of high-definition 1080P, AR0330 has always been a standard configuration in the industry with its excellent performance and perfect imaging effects. There are many products in the first field series products that use this SENSOR, such as the well-known D-101, D-109, V5, D-105, D-606, V6000, And the recorder V9000 that knows how to share will be introduced to you soon.

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