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The main points of the driving recorder.


1. Shooting Angle

Many driving recorders on the market will boast that they have 120 degrees of wide-angle vision, even exaggerated to 140 degrees, 270 degrees, and claim that the picture will not be deformed, but in practice, the standard with 120 degrees of wide-angle driving recorder often can only shoot about 105 degrees, and the shooting picture has appeared more prominent bending, which is a common problem of wide-angle shooting. The one who never deforms is just a lie. In this way, not to mention the wide Angle of 140 degrees, 270 degrees. In addition, due to the bending of the shooting screen caused by the blurred shooting, this also has the opportunity to make your driving record not become a legal weapon.

At this stage, the problem of picture bending caused by insufficient Angle or excessive wide Angle can be solved, which is to shoot the driving road with double lens and double video.

2. Night vision

The night out of the collision party is not a few, then the performance of the driving recorder at night is naturally very important, but most of the driving recorder on the market lack of light equipment, in the night driving can only "dumb fire" loss of sound, some with LED fill light function, but fill light ability is limited, too much noise at night driving, ultimately make the video finished rough, Losing the value of driving video.

The low definition of some driving recorders also seriously affects the effect of night shooting, the resolution is insufficient, this side reflects the camera's CMOS and CCD parameters are too low, the shooting effect will naturally drop a grade.

For the case of night vision, the most popular solution on the market is to use infrared light, but the infrared light is insufficient, and the limited light capacity will cause the picture to be rough, therefore, the camera with a better light capacity has a higher reference value for the purchase of the driving recorder, the recorder takes more infrared light. Although it does not mean that more LED lights are strong, the multi-point fill light of the driving recorder can ensure that the light of the fill light is evenly distributed to each Angle, and the fill light effect will be more powerful in dim situations.

3. Size

In fact, in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, such a driving recorder has been expressly prohibited, because in the driving, too many electronic products in the front is easy to form a driving blind area, resulting in new driving hazards.

In order to solve this problem, many foreign driving recorders have begun to abandon this complex, occupy the place of the design, into a hidden installation design, which can eliminate driving hazards, and can maintain the original car style in the car driving recorder box, so that the car is more unified and beautiful.

In addition, the small size has another advantage is to effectively prevent the occurrence of theft in the car, the visible property in the car is generally the target of the thief, the small size is not easy to attract the attention of the thief, more conducive to anti-theft.

4. Gravity sensing

Gravity sensing is that when the speed of the vehicle changes, the driving recorder can immediately record the driving video of 10 seconds after 20 seconds before the speed change, so that the event can be completely recorded before and after the event.

Many of the counterfeit driving recorders on the market are just a crude integration of the camera and the card reader, and there is no gravity sensing capture ability. This is a serious flaw. Usually ignore this function of the driving recorder is also easy to cause the shooting picture missing seconds, the situation of the card.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a driving recorder with gravity sensing function, and the driving recorder produced by the genuine factory basically has this function, but the amplitude of the instant record is often only 15 seconds before and after the speed mutation, and the driving record of half a minute still has the opportunity to miss the key record.

5. Other aspects

In addition to the above points need to pay attention to when purchasing, try to choose a large cache of products, large cache can bring users more smooth video and better memory card compatibility, auto recording, automatic shutdown, automatic coverage, etc. are the basic features of the driving recorder, remember to ask clearly when buying.

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