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Exploring the Dash Cam: Functions and How to Use Dash Cam


Dash Cam is a vehicle-mounted driving recorder that can record video and sound during driving and provide GPS positioning, vehicle speed information, etc. Here are some common features and how to use them:

Automatic loop recording: Dash Cam will automatically overwrite old recordings to free up space.

Parking Monitoring: Dash Cam can also sometimes continue recording while parked, which can be used to monitor whether the vehicle has been hit or stolen.

GPS Positioning: Dash Cam has built-in GPS, marking the vehicle’s latitude, longitude and speed in the video.

Event Recording: Dash Cam can help you flag events, such as collisions or emergency braking, to help you find relevant footage.

Lens Angle Adjustment: Dash Cam's camera can usually be rotated, allowing users to adjust it to the appropriate angle to record the road and surroundings.

Things to note when using Dash Cam:

Placement: The Dash Cam should be mounted on the front windshield to provide a clear shot of the road and surrounding scenes.

Micro SD card: Most Dash Cams use micro SD cards for storage, and it is recommended to use high-end brand memory cards (such as Sandisk or Lexar).

Cleaning and maintenance: Please pay attention to cleaning your Dash Cam camera lens to ensure that it can continue to shoot clear videos.

Laws and Regulations: Each state or country has different ride cam regulations, and you should check local policies to determine if the Dash Cam you wish to install complies with local regulations.

All in all, the Dash Cam not only provides you with good shot quality but also serves as an important tool for safe driving.

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