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Functional use of driving recorder.


1, To maintain the legitimate rights and interests of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists across the road, motorcycles, in case they have a scratch, may be extorted, if there is a driving recorder, drivers can provide effective evidence for themselves.

2, The surveillance video record playback, accident responsibility at a glance, traffic police to deal with the accident quickly and accurately; It can not only quickly evacuate the scene to resume traffic, but also retain the effective evidence at the time of the incident to create a safe and smooth traffic environment.

3, If each car is installed tachograph, the driver will not dare to violate the regulations, the accident rate will be greatly reduced, the vehicle will be photographed by the tachograph of other vehicles, traffic hit-and-run cases will be greatly reduced.

4, The court in the trial of road traffic accident cases, in sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, but also to the insurance company to settle claims to provide evidence.

5, Encounter professional porcelain and road robbery, dashcam will be able to provide decisive evidence to solve the case: the scene of the accident and the appearance of the offender.

6, Like self-driving friends, you can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. Driving while walking video, while the time, speed, location are recorded in the video, equivalent to the "black box".

7, Can be used at home for DV shooting fun life, or as a home monitoring. You can also do parking surveillance.

8, Because journalists are not the first to know, the news of meteorite fall in Russia is almost all recorded by the recorder.

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